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Year of the Ox origami

Paper craft is a wealth of fun!

The feeling of watching those folds come together and the form starting to appear is almost magical, and we can all use a little magic in our lives. Below, you’ll find instructions for making a number of iconic TET Festival creations, give them a go and have fun!

First up, what better way to ring in the Year of the Ox than to MAKE an Ox! Well, maybe not a real one, but follow these instructions and you can have your own little Lunar New Year’s mascot!

The Ox, or the Water Buffalo, represents determination and patience in reaching their goal. They’re a hard working spirit and are ready to face any challenge!

Next, what TET Festival is complete without those classic paper lanterns? Make a few, puff them up, and bring the festival to you!

This one is a fun one. Not only do you get to make an awesome little frog, but press it down at the back and release, and it’ll jump like the real deal!

Finally, create your own garden at home with this beautiful water lily design! Maybe make one to give the frog a new home, they’re a perfect match!

We hope you enjoy making these origami TET Festival classics as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you! Check out our own origami making skills in the videos HERE!

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