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Fireworks Cancellation

In wake of the recent natural disaster that has gripped the entirety of Australia, the TET Team has decided to cancel the fireworks in solidarity with all the bushfire victims and the devastation to our wildlife and ecosystems.

There will be no fireworks on the Sunday. Instead we shall raising money for the bushfire appeal and closing off our event with a Firecracker and Lion Dance routine.

Whilst this may be disappointing news to a lot of people, who enjoy our massive pyrotechnic display every year, we have felt that it is simply not appropriate to have such a celebratory gesture in the midst of such tragedy.

A New Year should be celebrated but in the right way.

2020 is the start of a new decade and zodiac cycle.

Our theme this year, Pioneer should still resonate. Out of this tragedy, we can only look forward and start championing efforts to rehabilitate, restore and recover our land, ourselves and our actions.

While we have cancelled the fireworks, we are still doing our best to ensure that this event is the biggest and best version of TET that we can make it.

We are proud to announce that our carnival rides supplier, Smart Amusements, are sending along their biggest ride for this event, the 60m tall Freestyle, one of the tallest and biggest of its kind in Australia.

And they got a Happy Hour going from 4pm to 5pm with a 2 for 1 deal on rides.

We are still boasting about our 20 plus food stall line-up including our very own TET Dessert Stall; Minus Twelve, our large stage with lots of local and international talent and our cultural displays.

Then there are still the insane competitions at the Sandown Entertainment Theatre (our second stage), like Iron Stomach IV, Ingenious and Budget-Chef. (Check our website for the sign up sheets!)

But most importantly, our activities team is working hard to make sure that all who come to the event are there to have a good time, without sacrificing sight of the bigger picture.

Every dollar spent at the children’s area, will go to the Red Cross.

We want to raise 5000.00 dollars and we need your help getting there.

So please come to the festival, support the bushfire victims and have a good time for a better cause.

Damien Nguyen

Lead Co-Ordinator TET 2020 Vietnamese Community of Australia - VIC Chapter



Sandown Racecourse - 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171


Saturday, 1st February 2020

Sunday, 2nd February 2020


Doors Open - 10:00 am
Doors Closed - 1:00 am

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