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Behind the Scenes - Vietnamese Superstitions

Updated: Feb 5

This video was the closest we ever got to being a proper film crew.

Our most ambitious and most extensive video production involved almost the entire TET team in various roles, from caterer, to director, to actor and to “sound-guy.”

All this for a 5 minute skit video.

Superstitions was structured around short skits that Xuan Le had to design humorously whilst also getting across the actual mythology behind the fear of doing certain acts around the time of TET.

Almost immediately multiple obstacles presented themselves, from props, to costumes to actors and even location. To solve all these issues in a short time span as well as logistically manage all the moving parts was quite the effort.

But it was well worth it in the end, because it was easily one of the strongest team bonding experiences we had, as well as one of the most creative and fun. It was our first time shooting for 9 hours in a day, and we all walked away with a greater appreciation for film-making.

Each member of the team got to try new roles, especially in the acting sense. Seeing each team member “try” to act was hilarious and we hope this is shown on screen for our audience.

Once again, led by the capable hands of James Huynh, the video shoot was a rather thrilling new experience for all.

Special thanks must be mentioned to Eugene for his acting chops and Linh & Dan Thanh whose family of children we featured in one of the skits. Thank you again, for helping us put together this series of videos.

This video was so much fun to shoot because each scene was so different to the next. My favourite part was … well actually I have two favourite parts. The first one is when the kids receive li xi from Grandpa Albert – too cute. The second one is the amazing expression Eugene makes as he falls in the scene where he loses all of his luck because he cleaned the house during Tet.

I would like to thank all the amazing volunteers who acted (many for the first time) and helped with filming. Shout out to Damien, our producer, for cooking fried rice for the crew.

- Xuan Le

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