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Behind the Scenes - The TET Blind Cooking Challenge

Updated: Feb 5

Wholesome, funny and homely.

The TET Blind Cooking Challenge was one of our longest videos to produce. From the beginning we wanted to make it heartful and fun with a mother-son/daughter relationship. Vietnamese mothers are often brilliant, unsung heroes of the kitchen and we wanted to draw on their experience to create a iconic Vietnamese dish, Banh Xeo.

Rob and his mother proved to be the perfect pairing with their fun, rapid fire banter and natural charisma. For our shooting location, we found it difficult to find a kitchen that could accommodate such a challenge, but to our great fortune, we stumbled across the Neil Perry Omega Kitchen in Prahan Market. This venue was gorgeous, well equipped and practically perfect for our needs.

Filming this video gave us nearly an hour and a half of footage. We had 5 cameras rolling to film the sequence and everything was done in one take, to preserve the authenticity of the cooking and the banter.

The biggest challenge however, was in the editing process, with many revisions and cuts being made to distil the video down to 24 minutes. It is still a bit too long for our liking, but any more editing would sacrifice the flow and ebb of the video.

Lawrence Le, a Dual Identity Leadership Program (DILP) alumni, made his directorial debut with this video and helmed much of the logistics and stylistic choices for the video, alongside our videographer, James Huynh.

After watching one too many Blind Cooking Challenges on Youtube, I thought it would be great fun if we put our slight twist on the idea. Robert and his mother were a great duo who brightened up the kitchen with their lovely chemistry. I hope that viewers can watch this with their families and share laughs along the way.

I also want to pass on a huge thank you to the staff at Prahran Market, especially Stephanie and Lauren, who were incredibly accommodating to our requests and allowed us to use their fantastic kitchen. - Lawrence Le

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