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Behind the Scenes - Tet 2021 Concert

Updated: Feb 5

Bringing the sound to you.

Easily the most arduous, and complicated shoot we had to perform, the TET Concert production was a solid total of 24 hours of work over one weekend, with the crew running mostly on junk food and energy drinks.

In total there were over 38 acts that had to be recorded, with many requiring multiple takes to ensure the best possible performance was captured on screen. To ensure the best coverage, the team hired extra Blackmagic cameras, as well as several lighting options to ensure quality control across all our footage remained the same.

The most difficult part of the shoot was the scheduling. Plenty of lighting, sounds and technical issues plagued the weekend, forcing the team to work a bit longer and less efficiently than they had anticipated.

However, whilst, it was a struggle, a concert like this could not be ignored. The Sounds of TET are an iconic and crucial element to the success of the festival. Loud, all-consuming and atmospheric, this TET Concert should be cranked all the way up to ensure you don’t miss out on a special part of the festival. This is also a highly important moment for many members of the Vietnamese diaspora, as they are given an opportunity to really showcase their talents in front of the world and thus engage with the wider Australian community.

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