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Behind the Scenes - One Take Lion Dance

Updated: Feb 5

The ONER to end all festivities.

A One Take (ONER) is a film technique meant to stimulate a single, continuous shot that captures everything in one flawless take without any editing. The TET Team wanted to differentiate our Lion Dance recital from other similar videos and thus opted for a very difficult challenge of copying the style of a recent one-take film, Sam Mendes' 1917 (2019).

Special thanks must be given to the Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery in Fawkner and the Lion Dance team for their hospitality and for agreeing to go along with the difficult undertaking.

To compound on the team’s efforts, Melbourne’s weather was a scorching 37 degrees, driving the Lion Dance team to the limits of physical exertion as they rehearsed multiple times to make sure we could pull off the right effect.

However when the footage was finally captured, it was worth the effort put in, to create a truly unique and fun video that not many other virtual festivals can boast of.

Just like every other previous festival organised by the TET Team, the Lion Dance finale is representative of our belief that anything worth doing is worth overdoing. The Team will always strive to get innovative and unique in everything we do, virtual or otherwise.

This video was only possible with the skills and experience of James Huynh, whose talented camerawork is on full display here for a solid 7 minutes, dodging, weaving and gliding to ensure a narrative is told. Props must also go to Albert Le, who was the initial spark behind filming a “Oner” for the finale of our event.

The TET Team hopes you enjoyed the finale for our festival and hope 2021 proves to be brighter than the previous year! See you all in 2022!

The idea of filming a 'Oner' is always ambitious – one mistake and you have to redo everything all over again. The Quang Duc Lion Dance Team, however, was game for our vision, choreographing a routine to fit with the initial plan Albert had.

This was one of the most difficult shoots of the entire festival – it was 37 degrees outside, and the rehearsals were extensive. There were technical issues as well, with our Sony camera of choice overheating at one point during the shoot.

With all that said though, the final product came out well, with the sunset beautifully back-lighting our firecrackers at the very end of the routine. - James Huynh

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