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A Mission of Love

Every year during Tet Festival, heads turn to the delicious aroma of sugary drinks, and foods sizzling on all kinds of marvellous oils.

There’s music everywhere and there’s just so much to touch, feel, and experience. And oh, the fireworks. The halls empty with the sound of shuffling footsteps and voices brimming with excitement fill outdoors.

A pause followed by buzzes in the air, as if hundreds of fireflies take flight to illuminate the darkness with flurries of sapphires and golds within seconds.

We all cheer for the colours in the sky and we cheer for ourselves, ready to take on the New Year with our hearts swelling with anticipation.

The Tet Festival has helped many younger generations to keep in touch with their Vietnamese heritage and has brought a sense of comfort to older generations for years.

The Activities Team values, in making everyone feel welcome; including little children and those who are new to Vietnamese culture.

Our team’s duties are all about organising the activities that will enrich the festival-going experience and coming up with prizes to put into the arms of giddy winners.

We are ecstatic to bring you the TET Festival of 2020 so that everyone can access and enjoy this event that will tug on the heartstrings of many regardless of where they come from ...

We are all family here.

Something we’ve been thinking about a lot is the current state of Earth and how we can take an eco-friendly approach to the festival.

To minimise the use of plastic, we have opted for bio-degradable plastic for packaging and started adding prizes that promote sustainability of the planet.

In addition, to celebrate the Year of Rat we’ve been coming up with inventive ways to sneak in mouse motifs here and there, with games like “Rowdy Rodents” and “Rat Race”, and many other exciting activities that you’ll just have to come to see.

We are a small team of four (though it’s biggest team in the Tet Committee) who’s shared a lot of grunts of dissatisfaction and scratching heads, but mostly laughs and hugs over our visions coming true.

Though we come in different shapes and sizes, we share the same goal to make Tet an enjoyable event for all that only gets better every year!

We are so lucky to have each other, and most of all we are so lucky to have you.

Hẹn gặp lại!

The Activities Team TET 2020 Vietnamese Community of Australia - VIC Chapter



Sandown Racecourse - 591-659 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171


Saturday, 1st February 2020

Sunday, 2nd February 2020


Doors Open - 10:00 am
Doors Closed - 1:00 am

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