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2020 Tet Festival - brought to you by the Vietnamese Community in Australia: Victorian Chapter. 


At the Tet festival you will have the opportunity to peruse through displays from a multitude of aspects of Vietnamese culture including (but not limited to) Vietnamese Fashion, Calligraphy, Herb Gardens, Traditional Marketplaces, Fortune Trees, and General Vietnamese History. Immerse yourself in every aspect!


Vietnamese Cultural Heritage Display

January 31, 2020

Den Tho To (Ancestral Temple)

"Den Tho To" is an integral part of the Vietnamese Culture at the New Year, every Vietnamese family at their house will  have their own altar in order  to pay respects to their ancestors. Community wise, Den Tho To is the collective way of expressing our gratitude to those who have built and protect our nation, while at the same time seeking blessings for the new year. Feel free, to come and learn about this ancient tradition, and light an incense stick at the altar to honor your ancestors!

Bonsai Exhibition

January 31, 2020

The Bonsai Exhibit is one of the highlights of the festival, a tranquil and fascinating look into the art of "growing" gardening architecture and design. Come and see the Vietnamese style of Bonsai art, which has developed a unique style including the “Hon Non Bo” (Miniature Landscapes on Tray).

Vietnam Veterans Exhibition

January 31, 2020

One of the permanent fixtures of the festival is the Vietnam Veterans Association Display. The Vietnam War was a pivotal part of Vietnam's history, and the settlement of Vietnamese people in Australia. Hence the exhibition of the Vietnam Veterans is highly valued and valuable for everyone to learn about this part of history. Come and interact with the Australians veterans as they take you through the history of the Vietnam War!

Fruit and Flower Carving

January 31, 2020

Fruit and Flower Carving, is exclusive to Tet and the most visited and photographed exhibit in the festival. Come and tag yourself with the styles and techniques, to turn basic fruit, vegetables and flowers into a work of art. Or even better yet, learn how to design your own piece of  art!

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